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In 2016, 2017, 2018 it was chosen as "The best Lviv Coffee house" within the framework of the Lviv Coffee Festival.In 2016, 2017, 2018 it was chosen as "The best Lviv Coffee house" within the framework of the Lviv Coffee Festival.
Virmenka is an iconic coffee house, which has existed since 1979.
Влітку 2016 року у "Вірменці" була проведена реставрація. Залишились автентичні кладка, перекриття, такі елементи, як фрагмент кам’яного порталу ХVI-XVII ст. та інше. З’явились старі фотографії, на яких можна знайти Кузю з Братів Гадюкіних та інших завсідників старої "Вірменки", книжкові полиці. Деякі книжки можна взяти почитати за філіжанкою кави, а деякі навіть купити. Тематика книжок: Львів, Вірменка, Любов, Кава... Існує у "Вірменці" і так званий "буккросинг" - можна принести книгу та обміняти її на іншу.
Lviv Coffee

Hanging coffee

One more tradition, which still exists in Virmenka is the hanging coffee. The coffee house used to have an unwritten rule: to hang coffee to friends, in other words, to buy coffee and tell the barman to treat this or that person to it if he or she comes. Now for this purpose, there is a board to write down so-called personalized coffee. It means that there is indicated on the board for whom exactly the handing coffee is as well as free coffee for somebody.

Coffee in Oriental style

Coffee is still traditionally brewed in Oriental style, using the innovative technologies. Coffee tastes much better now. In the same way as before, the guests participate in making coffee in Turkish coffee brewing pot, which seems to be dancing, wrapping itself up in sand.

Cheese Cake

You may also try Lviv Cheese Cake and home made all-natural liqueurs, as well as famous Virmenka Old Lviv, Coffee, Tiramisu, and Chocolate liqueurs.

Liqueurs "Virmenka"

- Old Lviv
- Coffee
- Tiramisu
- Chocolate

See you soon over a cup of coffee!


Photos from life

Vladimir Zelensky

How about drinking a fragrant cup of coffee?

Love. Peace. Rock-n-roll.

If you have ever seen that 70-80year old man from Denmark joyfully meeting our friend Alik Olisevych. He turned out to be one of those Copenhagen's hippie who had common friend with Alik from San Francisco


The famous coffee house For a coffee to Lviv" has been recognized to be the best one during Lviv Coffee Festival for three consecutive years!"

A coffee house "Virmenka" welcomes you in the heart of Lviv

A cozy interior is combineed with authentic brick walls and ancient cellings. You can see black and white pictures of the visitors in the past time.
There is great choice of coffee that is prepared according to Turkish coffee technology, but modern technologies aren't neglected .
A coffee in "Virmenka" consists of classical coffee mixes.





Hours of work

9:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m.


Historically, Virmenka has always been and will remain Virmenka no matter what happens outside. It will remain forever the embodiment of Lviv chronicle.
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